Established in 2006,  Xparrow is a leading  company offering global business services like finance and accounting, legal support, insurance back office, data management and research & analysis. We incorporate a passion for client satisfaction, technological innovation, deep-rooted industry and business process knowledge and a global, collaborative team that embodies the future of work. Our extensive suite of solutions span across multiple industries, such as real estate, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, travel, retail, hospitality, technology, telecom and a lot more that assists your business in planning further, transparent and better optimized customer interactions and experiences- from strategy creation through implementation.


Since our founding, Xparrow has crafted a profitable business by concentrating on a basic yet persuasive objective: supporting our clients' success, that comprises of distinct international client base, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. We accomplish this by means of careful, strategic investments in technology, processes, and—most significantly—people. In fact, Xparrow's people are our greatest strength. They are our clients' "secret weapon" for first-rate business process outsourcing support.


With you, we establish and present business outsourcing solutions that suit your requirements and steer the outcomes you need.

Xparrow allows you to re-define your processes and boost performance. We seek to empower you to act more expediently & intuitively to transform the market dynamics. By fortifying your potential to utilize the appropriate technology, we assist you in becoming more agile and smart.


Our vision is to become a premier and preferred global provider of top-notch business outsourcing services across several verticals.


Xparrow will be a partner of choice in transforming businesses to succeed.